What Online Reviewers Say


"La nuova Fiido X 250W, un ebike pieghevole tecnologica e versatile con un sofisticato sensore di cadenza che rende come un motore centrale!"


"Is it the fastest Utility eBike on the Market."

@Jerry Arizona

"It is just a lot of fun,goofing around,taking it out, family camping trips or just playing around these forest roads. "

@Guy in a Mountain

"Lightest Folding Electric Bike."

@Chigz Tech Reviews

"Amazing Foldable Electric Bike with Torque Sensor + 100KM Range!"


"This bike's range was quite impressive carrying me over 70+ miles on a single charge. "


"Small, but agile and powerful. For children, teenagers and adults."

@Ben Fox

"The Fiido D2S is a great entry into the world of E-Bikes!"


"It is one of the most amazing E-bikes you can get, also for a really good price."

@Bubbles TV

"We rode 10 miles of some of the best trails, it was one of the most enjoyable days out on the bike in a long long time!"