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  • Fiido X Stefano Ghisolfi

    Mar 21 2023

    Fiido is proud to announce that it has established a new and strong partnership with Stefano Ghisolfi since January 2023.

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  • Fiido Has Evolved Into a New Brand

    Jan 01 2023

    Starting off 2023 with positive change, Fiido has upgraded the official website, introducing a more stylish and elegant interface with significant differences from the older version. The site introduces Fiido’s new 2023 product family, as well as brings to light Fiido’s new product philosophy: Building connections in the whole riding system. This philosophy will apply to all e-mobility means from Fiido. 

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  • Fiido T1 Pro, A Multi-Purpose E-bike That Can be An Alternative to A Vehicle

    Dec 01 2022

    The Fiido T1 Pro is a utility E-bike released in 2022 with the best performance among its peers, capable of being an alternative to a vehicle for multiple purposes. T1 Pro plays a vital role in hunting, fishing, their daily commute between the workplace and accommodation, along with delivering groceries, goods, and food from point to point, and picking up a child in an urban area through all terrains without range anxiety.

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  • Fiido X, Find Your X Factor

    Oct 08 2022

    A flagship that builds upon multiple best-selling Fiido foldable e-bikes, the X aims to achieve

    perfection in design and riding experience. It is a product of two years of work in user research

    and product development, boasting ten innovation patents.

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  • Fiido D3 Pro, Best Value E-bike Under $700

    May 18 2022

    D3 Pro was designed to be a value e-bike fitting different ages and different heights, with a light body that is foldable. Its use can span commuting, leisure, sports, or any other shorter trips.

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