Fiido in the Press

01 January 2023

Fiido Has Evolved Into a New Brand

Starting off 2023 with positive change, Fiido has upgraded the official website, introducing a more stylish and elegant interface with significant differences from the older version.

"Compared with other similar rides, it's hard to look at the Fiido X and not immediately fall in love with its style."

"My biggest pet peeves with e-bikes are the size, weight and cost. The Fiido D11 addresses all of these."

"Cramming a big battery and tons of value into a utility e-bike"

"le Fiido M1 Pro. Entre belles finitions et grosse puissance pour moins de 1200€."

"T1 looks like a solid, reliable vehicle meant to go the distance, on or off-road."

"It’s sleek and stylish yet understated in its looks and I love the bronze colour scheme."

"Comfortable city commuting for a week on a single charge."

"If you’re specifically looking for a foldable e-bike that can fit into tight spaces and is relatively affordable, I don’t think you’ll be disappointed with this one."

"It can be both for commuting an leisure as the folded form makes it easy to store in a vehicle’s trunk or carry aboard a train."

"A full-suspension off-road electric bike that folds in half for compact storage."

"The Fiido D11 ticks all the boxes: it’s available for as little as $999.99, has a claimed range of up to 100km, and folds into a tiny transportable package. It also looks nice."

"The frame design you see in the end has reconstructed the shape of the bike, and compared with the electric bicycle designed in the past, its handsome and smooth is the fruit of a small revolution."

"Una bicicletta elettrica ripieghevole, compatta, con un’autonomia massima di 250 km di percorrenza."

"Ofrece una calidad superior a la de modelos algo más caro, por lo que si buscamos una bicicleta eléctrica compacta y económica, es la mejor opción a tener en cuenta."