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Q: Crack in wheel hub?
A: The force of the material cannot be completely flat when the wheel is manufactured. It is the interface of the wheel itself, which is normal and does not affect the use.
 The dashboard only displays one battery level when the electric car is fully charged?
The reason may be that the dashboard’s power display mode has been adjusted incorrectly. Turn on the dashboard, then press and hold the "+”, “-” buttons for 3 seconds to switch to the normal display mode.
Q: Can I crack the speed?
A: Currently only D4S/M1/M1PRO/L3 can crack speed
Q: What is the maximum speed per hour?
A: The factory setting top speed is 24km/h
Q: Is there a cruise control function?
A:Only D11/M1/M1pro/L2/L3 is equipped with cruise control function currently, which is temporarily unavailable for other models
Q:Can this e-bike be used in winter? Or at what temperature can it work?
A:Electric bicycles are suitable for using under -10℃--50℃ environment
Q: Can I only use manpower if the battery is dead?
A: You can push on the pedals when the battery is dead.
Q: How to store the battery?
A:The battery should be charged in time when the battery is under-voltage. Don’t place the battery when the battery is under-voltage to avoid rapid discharge, which will shorten the battery life.
Q: How to make the throttle work at all times?
A: Ride at the same speed for 8 seconds, release the throttle and the e-bike may keep the original speed and move forward.
Q: Can I ride an electric bike in the rain?
A: You can ride a e-bike when it rains, but you can't ride the bicycle to deep water roads to avoid damage to the motor.
Q: What is an electric bicycle?
A: It is a special bicycle with battery as auxiliary energy, has two wheels, and has the functions of human cycling, electric or electric assisted motion.
Q: How much time does it take to charge, and does it consume much power?
A: The newly purchased battery may take 7-8 hours to charge, and the electric bicycle consumes very little power.
Q: What are the factors that affect the speed of electric bikes?
A: It is related to the rated speed of the motor, the size of the wheels, the size of the battery and the voltage, the speed limited of the controller, the road condition, headwind or not, the plastic parts of the e-bike, the assembly process of the car, as well as tire pressure, human weight, etc. .                         
Q: What does the range of electric bicycles depend on?
A: It mainly depends on the battery capacity, the efficiency and rated current of the motor, the riding current, as well as the road conditions, frequent starting and stopping, and the weight of the rider.