The best foldable electric bike recommendations under $1,000

Electric bicycles can help us walk through city streets, jungles, beaches, and other places, and foldable electric bikes can be placed under the trunk of the car and under the desk, which has unparalleled convenience advantages. If you like foldable ebike but you have a limited budget, then check out these foldable electric bicycles I recommend for under $1,000.


If you want to own a foldable electric bike that can be used for transportation, then you don’t want to miss the FIIDO D11 FOLDING SPORT ELECTRIC BIKE. This e-bike has great performance and a lightweight design with a self-weight of only 17.5kg. It means you could fold and carry it when traveling around towns or walking through parks without feeling heavy. Although it is very light, you don’t have to worry about the lack of power. D11 uses a 35nm 250W high-efficiency motor, which can provide huge power for your travel even in the case of small size and lightweight (maximum battery life is 100 kilometers). Extremely low energy consumption can easily overcome rugged and steep roads. The D11 is the lightest foldable electric bike made by Fiido. The current price of Fiido’s official website is US$999, so hurry up and place your order!


For those who like to ride in the wild, a full suspension electric mountain bike may be a perfect choice. Most mountain bikes on the market are equipped with shock absorbers to ensure that you continue to control the bike on rugged roads, but the number and type of shock absorbers required by each mountain bike rider are different. For example, hard-tail mountain bikes have no rear shocks. The full suspension bicycle is equipped with front and rear shock absorbers. FIIDO M1 FOLDING FAT TIRE ELECTRIC MOUNTAIN BIKE is a full-suspension off-road electric bike that can be folded in half for compact storage. Even if it looks like a fat foldable bicycle from the outside, the size of the M1 after folding is only 960x790x450 mm, you can put it in a car or train more easily. Of course, the handlebars and pedals can also be folded, and there is a built-in bracket under the crank to keep the bicycle upright when folded. Are you eager to know its price? The price of Fiido’s official website shows that it is 999 US dollars. Riders are familiar with foldable electric bicycles must set this price below. Therefore, it can be said that Fiido M1 is an attractive electric bicycle suitable for off-road use. It has enough power, it will be fun to ride, don’t you want to try it?

 FIIDO L3 foldable electric bicycle

It is a difficult problem that most office workers have to face in daily commuting. The FIIDO L3 foldable electric bicycle is very suitable for solving daily commuting troubles. L3 is a compact foldable electric bicycle with exquisite comfort. The cruiser saddle and large-capacity battery. Fiido test data shows that a person weighing 75 kg can ride 200 kilometers at an ambient temperature of 25°C. It should be noted that the cruising range of an electric bicycle is closely related to the slope, the ambient temperature, and the weight of the rider. Some users have specifically emphasized the safety of L3. L3 is equipped with a pair of mechanical disc brakes, which can slow down the bicycle very well. The front and rear headlights on the bicycle are directly connected to the battery, so there is no need to charge them, and they are quite bright. This bike is also equipped with a set of mudguards to make commuting more hassle-free. The price is also $999.

The above three electric bicycles are the best foldable electric bikes in my opinion, which can adapt to different riding needs. If you need a lightweight folding electric bike, FIIDO D11 is the best choice; if you love outdoor riding, FIIDO M1 is the most cost-effective mountain electric bike under $1,000; if you need a daily commute or long-distance travel helper, FIIDO L3 will be Favored by the vast majority of people.