How Much Do Electric Bikes Cost?

Many bike users have already switched to electric bikes. There is a bunch of reasons for this move. Saying "goodbye" to sweaty rides with lots of stress and impact on one's knees and thighs is one of the primary ones.

This is what pedal assistance, together with an integrated motor and additional power, do. But how much will you have to pay for this convenience?

An entry-level e-bike without any heaped features will cost you around $800-$1,000. If you are looking for a high-quality, serviceable electric bike, the starting price tag is between $1,500-$2,500. But it doesn't stop at this point: high-end e-bikes can reach up to $14,000 or even more! The most expensive e-bike in the world, Blacktrail Bt-01, will knock you back $80,000!

So let's go nitty-gritty and discuss the price range for different electric bikes. This will give you an idea of how much money you'll need to set aside to get yourself this great form of transportation.

E-Bikes Classification 

E-bikes are classified into three different categories: class one, call two, and class three, based on their varying speed capabilities and the type of assistance they provide. 

Class One Electric Bikes

Class one e-bikes, also known as low-speed e-bikes, have the following characteristics:

  • equipped with an electric motor without a throttle
  • pedal-assist (motor activation only when you pedal)
  • ability to reach a maximum speed of 20mph
  • allowed to ride anywhere (bike lanes, roads, or bike paths) due to the low speed 
  • do not require registration or insurance

Class one low-speed pedelecs are considered affordable compared to other categories. Their price tags start from $800 and can reach $1500. Of course, depending on the brand and some additional features, class-one electric bicycles may cost more. 

An important note: some electric bike manufacturers have included a throttle on their class one e-bike. However, to comply with the regulations, one can have the throttle work if only pedaling an electric bicycle. 

Class Two Electric Bikes

Class Two electric bikes have both pedal-assisted power and a throttle. You can use it in two ways:

  • as a motorbike: without using the pedals, the motor will do all the work for you
  • as a traditional bike: using functioning pedals

Such versatility is extremely good if your bike's battery runs out: you can still pedal the bicycle like you would on a standard bike.

Class two e-bikes are also considered low-speed. You are able to reach a maximum speed of 20mph. Once having reached this limit, the motor won't assist you in going any faster. However, if you add your own pedaling effort, you can speed up to 28 mph.

Keep in mind that throttle-assisted e-bicycles are running out of battery faster. Usually, people rely too much on the throttle rather than their own pedaling. 

A high-quality class two e-bike costs anywhere between $1500-$3500. Depending on the manufacturer and features, the prices might increase.

Class Three Electric Bikes

We've finally come to the fastest category - class three e-bikes. Just imagine: the e-bike can reach a speed of 28mph.  

Though being pedal-assist only, most speed pedelecs are equipped with a throttle. To comply with regulations, manufacturers use built-in technology, limiting the speed to 20mph if the e-bicyclist is not pedaling. 

Also, class three e-bikes have more restrictions when it comes to regulations. They must have a speedometer, and the rider must be over the age limit, which differs depending on the state or country.

Due to the powerful motor, the class three e-bikes are the costliest on the list: their prices typically range from $3500-$6500.

How Do Different Types of Electric Bikes Cost?

All three above-mentioned e-bike categories come in different forms and constructions. Now we are going to talk about four main types of e-bicycles: commuter/hybrid, cargo, folding, and off-road. They all vary in purposes as well as prices. So what are they like, and how much does each type cost?

Commuter/Hybrid E-Bike

A hybrid or commuter e-bike is the best choice for beginner cyclists. If you are looking for the most convenient form of transportation to commute to work, make a shopping trip, or just go somewhere far and fast, have no doubts about choosing this category, designed for a smooth ride. 

Typically, a hybrid e-bike features flat handlebars, large, narrow tires, and an upright riding position, all made for comfort and efficiency.

Many commuter or hybrid bicycles are equipped with a rack for carrying your food purchases, laptop, or clothes, making it ideal for urban rides that include trips to the grocery store.

A basic commuter/hybrid e-bike costs $1,000 to $4,000, while customized high-end models can range between $10,000 to $12,000. 

Cargo E-Bike

If your main aim in purchasing an e-bike is the ability to carry a lot of stuff rather than leisure biking, a cargo e-bike is a perfect option for you.

Durable and strong enough to carry a weighty amount of load, this type can become a real machine for your business.

Electric cargo bicycles can cost as little as $1,800 or as much as $8,000. The price will also depend on cargo or front boxes, panniers, kid seats, and kickstands, which all add an extra cost.

Folding E-Bike

A folding electric bike is the dream of every traveler: it's the most portable, easy-to-store, and easy-to-move option.

E-bikes of this type take up very little space. They can also be effortlessly packed on public transport (taxi, train, bus, and metro.)

Depending on features and manufacturers, the prices for folding electric bikes range from $1500 to $3500.

Mountain E-Bike

If you are a thrill-seeker obsessed with mountain biking and other backcountry adventures, an off-road e-bike is everything you need.

Off-roads feature fat tires, a short wheelbase, flat handlebars, front suspension forks, and hydraulic brakes - everything to help you tackle rugged terrain and gravel paths.

An electric mountain bike (another name for the off-road) is the most powerful and the most expensive on the list. The price tag usually starts from $2000 and goes higher and higher depending on the additional interacting components you'll add.

If you are a traveler or adventurer who is into more professional e-biking, then it's worth spending some extra coins for this beast.

Consider Maintenance Costs

When buying a new electric bike, you should additionally consider maintenance costs. Like other forms of transportation, e-bikes are prone to wear and tear. As time goes on, you’ll need to replace its various components, which can cost a couple of dollars. Check out the most common repairs and maintenance:

  • Tune-up. It’s highly recommended to get a tune-up every six months of regular usage or every 500 miles your e-bike takes, which can cost around $70 to $120.
  • Brake adjustment. This is one more inevitable expense to consider, which costs about $20 to $35.
  • Flat tire patching. This is the most common repair option, especially for those using their e-bikes regularly. Depending on your tire condition, the patching will cost from $10 to $30.
  • Battery. It’s recommended to replace the battery of your e-bike every 700 to 1,000 charges. The costs vary. Get ready to pay at least $350. Depending on the battery quality, reliability, and capacity, the price tag may even reach $1000. 

Electric Bike Charging Costs

Compared to cars, charging electric bikes is much easier and cheaper. You can use traditional sockets as you do with your cell phone.

The cost of charging your e-bike batteries will vary depending on the system, charger, and charging conditions. The costs start from $1 and reach $4 if you need a fully charged battery to run 1,000 miles.

The Bottom Line

As you might have already understood, there is no one-stop answer to your question, "How much does an electric bike cost?". Depending on a bunch of factors, including a bike manufacturer, class, type, purpose, additional features, and others, the price tag will vary. 

If you are a beginner e-cyclist looking for a convenient electric bike to commute to work or go to the grocery store, then you can find a great option even for $1,000. 

If you are a pro user who is looking for a heaped electric bike with all the possible add-ons and the ability to reach maximum speed, get ready to spend more.

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