EBike Battery Care Guide

Electric bike batteries are highly technological and must be looked after properly. With the proper care, your electric bike battery will have a long and useful life span, but it will also keep you and your bike safe.


In this article, we will go into some common problems with electric bike batteries. We will also highlight the best ways to look after them, so you have peace of mind that you won't experience these problems.


Electric Bike Battery Combustion


We'll start with a severe problem that we are seeing more reports of. You may have seen in the news a few incidents of electric bike batteries spontaneously bursting into flames. But how often does this happen, and why does it happen?


Most electric bikes use rechargeable lithium-ion batteries. These are used because they are reasonably lightweight and hold a lot of power for their size. Lithium-ion batteries are also longer lasting than their alternatives. All these characteristics make them widely used in other applications, such as laptop and cell phone batteries.


It is important to realize that lithium-ion batteries hold a lot of energy in such a small package. This means they can overheat, which can cause dangerous chemical reactions that start fires.


With this in mind, there's always a risk of a lithium-ion battery exploding, but the risk is higher when the batteries are of low quality, old, or poorly looked after. So how can you prevent an electric bike battery from exploding?


Choose Quality


One of the best ways to prevent an electric bike battery from exploding is to buy a good one in the first place. Every electric bike is different, but there are a few things you can check that will ensure you get a safe item.


A good way of knowing if an electric bike battery is a good one is to look at the manufacturer's reviews or speak with experts who can advise you on their quality. While you are checking the batteries, look at their certifications. Quality electric bike batteries should be laboratory certified, which means they have been thoroughly tested for their safety and usability.


You may be tempted to buy a lower-quality electric bike and a battery to save money. But choosing quality over cheapness will mean you have a safe electric bike, giving you peace of mind.


Buy New


If you need a new electric bike battery, you should buy a new one rather than a used one. Used batteries are more likely to have had an accident or damage. New batteries have not been used, and they also come with a guarantee, so you can send them back if there is a problem.


Only Use The Correct Chargers And Power Accessories


Batteries are designed to be used with specific chargers and cords. If you use items not meant for use with your battery, it may not charge properly or even damage it, making it unsafe.


The Best Ways To Look After Your Electric Bike Battery


Your First Day With Your New Ebike


If you order your electric bike online, there's a good chance that it has traveled a very long way. This means the battery has been sitting dormant while being shipped and stored in depots. Therefore, you need to plug it into the charger as soon as possible. But before you do this, look at the instructions in the owner's manual so you do it correctly, as not all batteries are the same.


It is essential that you take note of how the battery fits your electric bike. If you mount the battery incorrectly, it may fall out, causing severe damage and even requiring you to replace it before you even have a chance to ride.


Electric Bike Battery Charge Cycles And Lifespan


Electric bike battery lifespan is measured in charge cycles. One charge cycle is when the battery is fully recharged from any level of depletion. You will find that most electric bike batteries have 300 to 800 charge cycles. As the battery gets towards the end of its lifespan, it won't perform as well as it did in the early days. You will notice that it won't hold its charge for as long, reducing the bike's range.


Don't Let Your Battery Get To 0%


Of course, this isn't always possible, but your electric bike battery will last much longer if you don't let it deplete completely. If you always run it to 0%, eventually, it will struggle to hold its charge, reducing your range.


More manufacturers will add low battery protection to their batteries. Although the battery level is displayed as 0%, it is not the actual physical 0% level. There is still a small amount of power in the battery. However, it is not recommended to use or maintain this state for a long time, and it needs to be charged as soon as possible.

Don't Leave The battery Plugged In


If you leave your battery plugged into the charger for several hours or even days after it's fully charged, the battery can overheat, which can damage it.


Electric bike owners who need to leave that battery plugged in regularly use a timer on the charger. These cheap devices are easy to use and will ensure your battery doesn't get too hot from overcharging. You can simply set the timer for the time it takes to fully charge your battery and forget about it.


Let Your Battery Rest After A Ride


When you have finished your ride, you may be tempted to immediately plug your battery into the charger. This is not good practice as the battery needs to rest while it goes from a state of discharge before it goes into a state of charge.


Allowing your battery to rest for 20 to 30 minutes before you plug it in gives it time to settle down before recharging.


Keep Your Electric Bike Battery Clean


A clean electric bike battery will work much better than a dirty one. The main things you need to keep clean are its contacts and the mechanisms that mount it to your bike.


Your electric bike battery is one of the most waterproof components of your bike. Still, it's not a good idea to drop it in a bucket of water or spray it with a pressure washer. Instead, remove it from the frame and wipe it with a damp cloth. Take care to gently clean the contacts, and dry them before you refit the battery to your bike.


Don't Try To Fix A Battery Yourself


Most electric bike batteries are held together with several screws. Do not try to dismantle the battery, as it can be highly dangerous. They are full of flammable and harmful substances you don't want to come in contact with.


If you experience a problem with your electric bike battery, take it to a bike shop or contact customer support. This way, your problem can be solved safely and appropriately.


If you drop a battery or damage it in a crash, the internal cells can be harmed. A good sign that the cells are damaged is when the battery overheats after you've dropped it. If this happens, contact customer services as soon as you can. 


Tips For Storing Your Electric Bike Battery


In addition to the things we've already discussed, you can extend your electric bike battery's life by being mindful of how you store it. Here are the best practices for short and long-term storage.


Try To Keep Your Battery At Room Temperature


How you store your electric bike battery contributes significantly to its lifespan. Ideally, your battery should be stored at a constant temperature that is not too hot or cold.


It is best to store your electric bike battery at about 20°C (60°F). If you allow your battery to get too hot or cold, it won't last very long and will need to be replaced prematurely.


So if you keep your electric bike in a cold garage or shed, you will benefit from removing the battery and bringing it inside.


In addition to this, you need to think about where you leave your bike during a ride. For example, if you need to leave your electric bike outside, try to avoid leaving it in direct sunlight or very cold places. It is possible to protect your battery from extreme temperatures with a thermal sleeve that will help extend its lifespan.


Partially Charge The Battery For Long-term Storage


Another thing that can affect a battery's lifespan is its state of charge when not in use. If you know you won't use your electric bike for a few days, weeks, or months, you should partially charge its battery to about 60%.


At this state of charge, the battery's cells are nicely balanced, which means they are not under stress for extended periods, extending their lifespan.


When your Electric bike battery has been left dormant for a while, you may notice that it has lost some of its charge. This is perfectly normal, but how much charge it loses will be determined by how you store the battery.


Final Thoughts


All this may seem like a lot to deal with. But once you get into a routine, it will only take a few minutes of your time. These simple tasks will save you money by not having to replace your electric bike battery too soon. They will also keep your battery safe, so you can ride with peace