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  1. EBike Battery Care Guide

    EBike Battery Care Guide

    Electric bike batteries are highly technological and must be looked after properly. With the proper care, your electric bike battery will have a long and useful life span, but it will also keep you and your bike safe.


    In this article, we will go into some common problems with electric bike batteries. We will also highlight the best ways to look after them, so you have peace of mind that you won't experience these problems.


    Electric Bike Battery Combustion


    We'll start with a severe problem that we are seeing more reports of. You may have seen in the news a few incidents of electric bike batteries spontaneously bursting into flames. But how often does this happen, and why

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  2. Winter Ebike Maintenance Guide

    Winter Ebike Maintenance Guide

    Winter Ebike Maintenance Guide


    You use your electric bike for fun or as a serious mode of transport. Therefore if it broke due to lack of maintenance, it would be highly disappointing to be unable to ride it. With this in mind, you need to look after your electric bike.


    Performing regular maintenance tasks on your electric bike will keep it in full working order and make it last longer while being more reliable. It is more important to look after your electric bike properly during winter as the winter conditions can be harsh on its components.


    In this article, we will give you lots of winter electric bike maintenance tips to keep your pride and joy working perfectly.


    Winter Electric Bike Maintenance Schedule

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