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  1. Why Ride A Smart Ebike?

    Why Ride A Smart Ebike?

    Hey guys, this is the first post of the Fiido Insight section, and we've long thought about what we should share with you (because there's so much we can't wait to share with you). Since the column is called "Fiido Insight," let's start with one of our main observations so far.


    *When Technology Meets Riding


    Those of you who have been following Fiido's upcoming new products this year must have noticed that one of the most significant differences is that ebikes feature more technology than ever before.

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  2. Everything you should know about folding ebikes

    Everything you should know about folding ebikes

    As the popularity of e-bikes grows, so does the variety of e-bike styles available. Road e-bikes, commuting ebikes, mountain e-bikes, cargo e-bikes... there's an e-bike for every riding style and terrain type. A more unique and exciting design has also emerged - the folding ebike. This e-bike has a frame, handlebars, and pedals that can be folded for storage or portability. Designed to be lightweight, portable, and environmentally friendly, they are the perfect choice for your travels.


    In this article, we'll highlight everything you need to know about folding electric bikes. You'll learn how they work, their benefits, why you should ride one, and what to consider when buying one.


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  3. Mid-mounted meter, the most popular Ebike accessory of 2023

    Mid-mounted meter, the most popular Ebike accessory of 2023

    Over the past few decades, the meter has become indispensable for all e-bike commuters. This is the screen mounted on your e-bike that comes in many forms; it serves the same purpose as a car's dashboard. The reason is simple: not only do e-bike meters provide an overview of all your riding data at any given time, but they also allow you to check the functionality and status of your e-bike.


    A meter is only useful if you know the functions it provides and the importance of the data it reveals. Therefore, you must have an understanding of what the meter does.


     *The role and common functions of Ebike meters

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